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production of centrifugally-cast tubes and shaped castings

cl tubeFor this production metal is produced in electric-arc and induction furnaces with the capacity from 160 to 5000kg. Annual output of molten metal is 20 kilo tons. There are centrifugally-cast tubes, hollow ingots, and cylindrical products with outer diameter 100­1625mm and wall thickness 7 to 25mm, length up to 6250mm of more than 200 steel grades, alloys, cast iron and bimetals made on 10 centrifugal machines of different constructs. Tubes are supplied in cast condition, heat-treated, machined. The injecting into a mould of cold hardening mixtures is made at the site of shaped castings (a-cet process). We are able to produce castings from 9th cate­gory of precision with overall dimensions from 70 to 4000mm and roughing weight up to 5 ton, with wall-thickness up to 300mm of more than 130 steel grades and alloys, cast iron from GG10 to GGG60, alloyed cast-iron.







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