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steel industry




• Rollers for heat-treatment- and reheating furnaces with roller hearth, to be used by manufacture of hot-rolled sheets, tubes & pipes and other kinds of rolled steel. Rollers are manufactured of the steel grades 1.4541, 1.4841, 1.4845,

GX48NiCrWSi48- 28-5.


Diameter of the roller shells from 140mm to 800mm.

• Roller for discharge roller tables by manufacture of cold-rolled sheets. Rollers are manufactured of low-alloyed iron. The diameter range of the roller shells is from 200mm to 340mm.


• Rollers for continuous casting machine (CC machine). Diameter range of the roller sleeves is within 180...340mm. There are manufactured both single-layer rollers of the steel grade 1.7034, 1.7225, 1.2311, 1.6582, 1.4057, and more wear- resistant bimetallic ones with outer layer of the steel grades 1.2379, 1.4028, inner layer of the steel grades 15CrMoV5-9, 1.7733, 1.2311, 1.0528.


• Shells of the coke crushers of diameters up to 950mm of the steels 66Mn4, 1.3401.


• Drums for hot dipped galvanizing lines of the Steel 1.4429.


• Coilers of diameters up to 600mm of the steel St 52 for the lines to manufacture foils.


• Containers of the steel 1.2542 for the tube extrusion plants.


• Slitters of the steels 1.2542 and 60WCrV7 for tube-welding mills and slitting assemblies.


• Hollow shafts and forming profile rollers for the sheet steel profiling lines.


• Radiant tubes for the heat-treatment furnaces with controlled atmosphere (U-shaped, W-shaped, Р-shaped). The tubes diameter range is within 100...280mm. Steels to be used: 1.4841, 1.4845, GX48NiCrWSi48-28-5.


• Hollow billets of alloyed grades of steel of the range within 130...550mm for fabrication of tubes by means of forging, on the skew rolling mills, pilger mills and tube-extrusion assemblies, ring reeling machines.


• Ingot molds. They are manufactured of grey and alloyed irons with heat treatment and machining. Outer diameter to be up to 1066mm.


• Cast details of heat-resistant steels for heat- treatment furnaces: hot riders, beams, bars, lining plates, stoods, baskets, muffles, retorts.