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Quality system

Quality system


Quality management system of «Production and Research Association «Trubostal» meets the

worlds requirements and certified according to ISO 9001-2008.


Quality management systems are the systems of management for organization administration and directing.

Quality assurance makes decisive contribution to the customer's choice of products under intense competitive conditions. One of such assurances is certificate of conformity to ISO 9001.
In the first instance ISO 9001 certificate is the landmark of the enterprise which guarantees that all processes involving at the enterprise are controlled by factory management team.


ISO 9001 certification and adaptation allow the enterprise to maintain consistent quality of products as long as production process is controlled when such system operates.
The enterprise obtained more than a dozen of determinations and certifications of conformation for main types of products from such inspecting organizations as: TUV NORD CERT (Germany), State
Standard of Russia, Promatomnadzor of Belorussia, Federal Agency license of environmental, technological and nuclear supervision of Russian Federation. Products of the plant made to standards: GOST 17375-2001; GOST 17376-2001; GOST 30753-2001; GOST 17378-2001; GOST 17379-2001;

TU U 27.2-13419172-002:2008; TU 108-874-95, DIN, ANSI and other certified in certification system of State Standard of Russia.


Quality control

Quality and reliability of products are the basis for successful co-operation.
Modern technologies and equipment, Quality Management System, complex tests and inspection of products provide its conformity with technical requirement of customers in compliance with the specifications TU; GOST; engineering documentation, standard specifications EN; DIN; ASTM; ASME.

The quality control is executed by the following methods:

• chemical analysis by spectral method with using of device SPECTROMAX with programming support, as well as by analytical method (arbitrary);
• control of macro- and microstructure;
• mechanical test by various temperatures;
• ultrasonic thickness measurement;
• liquid penetrant inspection;
• gas pickup testing;
• air pressure- and hydrostatic tests.