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Polymeric materials

polimernaya produkciya


Based on the many-years' international experience of the polymers use, our company manufactures industrial tanks and special equipment of thermo-plastics in compliance with the Specifications TU U 25.2-13419172-003:2008 (general industrial tanks) and TU U 25.2-13419172-004:2008 (tanks for food- processing industry).

High corrosion- and chemical resistance (including to chlorine-containing materials) in combination with lower cost allow successfully use our products instead of conventionally used tanks of stainless steels, tanks of steel lined with bricks, providing by that higher, in comparison with mentioned analogues reliability, endurance, ease and operating economy.









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(polyethylene, polypropylene)


1.    TANKS rectangular multipurpose (size from lm3 to 10m3)


2.    TANKS cylindrical, vertical installation, thermos bottles, (size from lm3 to 150m3)


3.    TANKS cylindrical, horizontal installation (size from lm3 to 60m3)


4.    BATHS electroplating, pickling, etc. (size from lm3 to 80m3)


5.    Special COMPONENTS of pipe-lines (fittings) (032mm - 0630mm)


6.    Gravity-flowing TUBES and COMPONENTS for gravity-flowing ducts, including flanges, reducers, tees, etc. (dimensions to be agreed).