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• Electric and gas radiant heaters: single-ended, U-shaped, W-shaped – for assemblies of heat-treatment and thermo-chemical treatment SNTsA, SNZ, “Degussa”, “Pekat”. Material: 1.4848, 1.4805, GX35CrNi25-12, 1.4845.


• Furniture of pit-type for thermo-chemical treatment, type SHA, SHTsM, Ts-105, Ts-75, Ts-75, Ts-60: retorts, melting pots, mufflers, basket shells, basket bottoms, diffusers, etching boxes, stands, cross-pipes, cascades, retorts of endothermic generators. Material: 1.4837, 1.4848.



• Equipment for the chamber- and through-type thermal assemblies, type SNTsA, SNTs, SNO, SNZ, STOA, SNZM, “Pekat”, “Ipsen”, “Degussa”, “Holcroft”: damper valves, plate stands, spheres for recuperative heat exchangers, stands, baffle plates, straightedges, beam channels, cross ties, rollers, drop bottoms, sheathing plates, angle branches, baffle plates, guide frames. Material: 1.4805, GX48NiCrWiCi48-28-5.

Centrifugally-cast raw parts for the production of hydraulic cylinder bodies, valves, including ball valves, electric motors bodies of low-carbon steel with minimum losses from ground currents, bodies of pumps, compressors, detanders; crowns of cogwheel and cogwheels, rings, including bearing rings of large diameter, spigots, flanges, hollow shafts, press molds, sleeves of internal combustion engine; crane and brake drums, stators of gas turbines, components of turbocharged engines and service equipment; high-pressure vessels; heavy-gauge pipe joints and offshore platforms; columns of presses, stands of manipulators, tube trusses, excavator bucket beams, plunger cylinders.