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trubostal about us Nikopol CehR&PA «Trubostal» consists of Production and Research Center «Trubostal», Trading House «Trubostal» and a number of other enterprises. R&PA «Trubostal» consists of Production and Research Center «Trubostal»

, Trading House «Trubostal» and a number of other enterprises.
Research and Production Center «Trubostal» is a multi-industry research and production amalgamation, incorporated in 1989, is one of the leaders of pipe and tube production of Ukraine.
Production facilities of Research and Production Center «Trubostal» are situated within the town of Nikopol (Dnepropetrovsk region) and occupies an area of more than 20 hectares.
The amalgamation has a production plant of centri- fugally-cast tubes and hollow ingots, fitting pro-duction plant, tube rolling section, machine-assembly department and a number of auxiliary production facilities.

There are more than 500 people of personnel and 76 engineers among of them.

The company puts into practice an active innovation policy by using the experience of latest world development.





1989 - research and production association «Trubostal» is established


1990 - cold-formed tubes production site is put into operation


1993 - fitting production plant is put into operation


2000 - experimental section of centrifugal casting is modified into the plant of centrifugally-cast tubes


2002 - tubing complex which provides machining for centrifugally-cast tubes is put into operation


2003 - high-temperature section for heat treatment of centrifugally-cast, cold-formed tubes and fittings established


2004 - section for production of cold-formed tubes is put into operation


2006 - polymeric materials production site is put into operation


2008 - production of welded fittings including fittings for oil and gas industry is acquired


2009 - large-volume production of heat-resistant furnace and conveyor rolls is acquired


2010 - production of shaped parts by static casting method is acquired


2011 - production of centrifugally-cast tubes for petrochemical industry is acquired


2011 - «Atomteplostal» a Russian-Ukrainian joint venture for production of thermal and nuclear power industries needs is acquired


2011 - «Trading House «Trubostal» is established




trubostal about us Nikopol