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Machining industries

mechanical 1Mechanical assembly production is equipped with bevy of screw-cutting (which includes center-to- center distance 5000 to 6000mm, weight of details up to 15 ton), vertical turning, boring-facing, milling, grinding, drilling (which includes deep hole drilling) mills, stands for welding of pipes into sections by automatic and semi-automatic welding, large part of equipment has numerical program control. There is a stand for building-up welding.

Roughing machining and finishing of tubes, rotary parts - furnace rolls, rolls for billet discharge conveyors, rolls for runout roller tables, cylinders of hot dip galvanizing lines, bands, crane cylinders, bars of oil-pumping equipment, flanges, etc.


Final machining and welding of tubes are also produced for petrochemical industry and furnace radiant heaters.





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